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Dixie's Got Talent is a talent competition held annually by Dixie State University. Ticket sales contribute to scholarships for Dixie State students in need.  Children, teens, and adults from Southern Utah compete for the titles of Adult and Youth Winners and Runners-Up, receiving cash prizes, and sometimes even the opportunity to audition for America's Got Talent, along with engagements to perform locally in the upcoming year.  


Lisa's students have been Adult and Youth Winners, Runners-Up, and Finalists of Dixie's Got Talent for many years, and she is passionate about helping her students create value with their talents -- not only for DSU students in need, but also for their own artist savings accounts, which will fuel their study and dreams for years to come.  


After many years of cultivating Winners, Lisa developed a Dixie's Got Talent Boot Camp, which teaches participants tried and true tips for navigating the competition successfully.  Students learn what makes a good competition song, study winning performances of singers from Lisa's studio, learn how to strategize the order of competition song selections, how to find, transpose, and cut minus tracks, learn how to choose the right look and what to wear to preliminary auditions and the Finale, how to choose and use the right kind of microphone for your performance, and how to perform a competition song well in front of an audience with appropriate choreography.  


Lisa's Boot Camp content is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE - 75% OFF THE NORMAL CAMP PRICE! - in the form of unlimited access to Lisa's Dixie's Got Talent Boot Camp Blog! This allows you to TAKE THE ONLINE BOOT CAMP CHALLENGE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME, ON YOUR OWN TIMELINE!  


Each blog post represents one day in Lisa's Boot Camp or other exclusive, helpful content.  Start from the bottom of the blog on the first post, "Dixie's Got Talent Summer Boot Camp" and work your way through!  If you want to study the art of the competition and then use your talents to create major value for yourself and others at Dixie's Got Talent, then this Online Boot Camp Blog Challenge is for you! Click below to purchase the access password, then enter it on the Boot Camp Sign-in Tab.  

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