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Lisa offers Master Classes within her studio and for the general public in school, University, summer program, and other educational settings.  A Master Class is generally two hours in length with 6 or more singers performing for 20 minutes or less, back-to-back.  Lisa provides constructive criticism while helping students improve on-the-spot in front of their audience and peers.  


Master Classes may be private or ticketed and provide additional performance opportunities for students and members of the general public. They allow students to test out their own new music and to receive audience feedback in response to their work. Master Classes prepare students for pre-professional Master Classes in conservatory settings and provide practice for upcoming pre-professional and professional auditions in the industry.  Master Classes may be paid or pro bono, depending on the venue and/or cause.  Please contact Lisa's manager on the Contact tab for further information or to book a Master Class now.    

Master Class Rate = $240

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