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Lisa offers group lessons to children, teens, and adults who may benefit from instruction in a group environment with additional performance opportunities - at a higher frequency but a lower cost.  


Group lessons provide students with more perspective of their own instruments, healthy peer competition, and the enormous benefit of learning from others' strengths and weaknesses. Group lessons are like mini-master classes, which prepare students for pre-professional master classes at the conservatory level.     


Group lessons are held weekly for 30-45 minutes during the school semester and over the summer.  Group lessons follow a weekly syllabus and cover up to three vocal styles: classical voice, musical theatre (legit & belt/mix), and contemporary commercial music (pop).  Students commit to the entire semester or summer session.     


Depending on the syllabus, group lessons will consist of a group warm-up and either intense technical work or instruction of a song the group is working on together, followed by Lisa's feedback and instruction.  


During the school semester, on the 4th lesson of every month, Lisa will hold "Performance Parties" for each group, in which students will perform the repertoire they are learning for one another in a casual, fun, but instructive environment. Refreshments will be served!   

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