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Lisa offers private lessons in classical voice, musical theatre, and contemporary commercial voice (pop).  Students may choose to study one or more of these styles as desired.  


Studio members who opt to study privately with Lisa will choose a monthly lesson package based on advancement level, goals, and budget.  Private lessons are offered in-person or online in increments of 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes on a weekly, bi-weekly, or a la carte basis.  


In the first half or more of a student's private lesson, Lisa will focus on providing a variety of vocal warm-ups and exercises, which build, reinforce, and rehabilitate the singing and speaking voice.  


In the last portion of a student's private lesson, Lisa will help the student apply the vocal techniques studied in the first half of the lesson to the repertoire the student will be performing.  If foreign language repertoire is being studied, Lisa will provide expert diction coaching in Italian, German, French, English, and Russian.  


Once the student has achieved a certain level of mastery technically, Lisa will provide acting techniques and exercises to help the student achieve excellence as a well-rounded singing actor/actress.   

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