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Dixie's Got Talent Summer Boot Camp!

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Welcome to Dixie's Got Talent Summer Boot Camp! Over the next 10 weeks you will learn how to prepare for and participate in our city's best talent competition, Dixie's Got Talent!

You will learn how to register for the competition and how to prepare yourself to give your best performance in order to have a chance to help DSU student's in need and to win scholarship money for your own artist bank account to continuing funding your artistic goals and dreams!

Lisa will help you create your own individual strategy for giving your best personal performance of three competition songs, whatever your advancement level. You will learn what makes a good competition song, study winning performances of singers from our studio, and learn how to strategize the order of your three competition song selections.

You will learn how to find minus tracks for your songs, transpose your minus tracks if necessary, and "cut" or edit your minus tracks to the proper length requirements. You will learn what to wear to preliminary auditions and to the Finale concert, how to choose and use the right kind of microphone for your performance, and how to perform a competition song well in front of an audience with appropriate choreography.

Finally, you will select and prepare your best three competition cuts to perform for our class in Mock Round 1 and 2 Auditions and a Mock Finale Concert in full costume! When Boot Camp is over, you will be prepared to participate in all three rounds of Dixie's Got Talent should you audition for and progress in the competition.

Let's start by registering for the competition by clicking on the picture below!

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