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Tips for Being Prepared for Camp!

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

For your best vocal performance and progress in Boot Camp, come to class with your voice warmed up and your body and voice well-hydrated, having eaten a good balanced meal (especially if you are in the morning class). Bring a water bottle or thermos of warm herbal tea and a notebook and pen for taking notes during class.

After you eat, warm up your voice for 10-30 minutes, depending on your vocal needs and advancement level. (You will learn how to do this in your private lesson). I highly recommend having lukewarm water and a large mug of herbal tea sweetened with either Stevia or raw, local honey available throughout your warm-up. You can supplement with sugar free herbal cough drops if needed (or if you are struggling with allergies or a minor cold).

It is important that you come to camp warmed up because we will not warm up together at the beginning of class. Our focus, instead, will be on performance strategy and performing our competition selections for one another.

I recommend you invest in a cool mist humidifier this summer and sleep with it on every night for the summer so your voice stays moist and flexible through the dry heat of the St. George summer.

For best results, practice daily, 5-6 days a week, (after noon is easiest for the voice), after you have eaten a healthy, balanced meal, drinking lots of water and herbal tea throughout your practice session, until just before you get bored or feel vocally fatigued.

Happy singing!

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